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"God's Action in the World"   The Clavius Symposium


"God's Action in the World"   The Clavius Symposium on faith-science dialog will be held on the campus of Notre Dame University on July 16 and 17, 2014, and is open to the public with no charge.

The symposium is being dedicated to the memory of a member of the Vatican Observatory staff, Fr. William Stoeger, SJ, who was prominent in both cosmology and in interdisciplinary studies. Fr. Stoeger was an early member of the Clavius Group. Fr. Christopher Corbally, SJ, will be representing the Vatican Observatory at the symposium and will be giving a talk.

The Clavius Group is an international group of Catholic mathematicians that has been meeting annually for a few weeks in July since 1963 to run seminars and live together as a Christian community, in various universities and institutes (such as the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where it met in six summers from 1975 to 2001). In recent years it has organized one-day symposia on questions of faith and science, and this year it is being more ambitious with a two day international symposium. This international symposium will treat a variety of topics relating faith and science--philosophical, mathematical and scientific aspects of knowledge, fuzzy language in theology, and the evolutionary dynamics of divine action. The full program and other information, including a presentation of the Clavius Group of Catholic Mathematicians which is organizing the symposium, can be found at the link