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Deadline October 31

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For our information please describe briefly the system of studies in your country: is there a separate astronomy/astrophysics degree, or do you study e.g. physics with astronomy? How many years does the first undergraduate programme take? Does one proceed from it straight to the PhD (doctoral) programme, or is there a stage in between?

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Your reasons for wishing to attend this school (200 words or less) and your self-evaluation of your competence (indicate "fair, good, very good, or excellent") in mathematics and physics.

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Scholarships covering 50% - 75% of all costs, including travel, lodging, and insurance, are available. If you wish to apply for this support, please indicate here and justify the level of your request. Note that requesting a scholarship will not affect the selection process for admission to the school.

One full meal at mid-day (except Sundays) will be provided at no cost to all participants at the school. The cost for the lodging, including breakfast, for 30 days will be around Euro 1.000,00 to be paid to the Observatory.  

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The names and addresses, including email address, of two people whom you have asked to send a recommendation on your behalf:

Please tell these two persons to send their recommendations by email (see address below) as soon as possible.





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Email separately a college or university transcript (or equivalent documents) listing grades achieved in all college level courses to date.

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