Other Staff

The Headquarters


Federico Balzoni

Roman native Federico Balzoni joined the Specola in 2007 and his day to day job is office management. This also includes the organization of VO Conferences at the Specola and the biannual Summer School, as well as liaising with the media on behalf of the VO. Together with astronomer Fr. David BROWN S.J., Federico has also been instrumen- tal in the creation and expansion of the Specola Library searcheable database. Working diligently day after day, he has helped to catalogue and to enter into the database thousands of books.

He says “working at the Specola is really a special way to serve the Holy Father and in a sense help in the mission that is particular to the Observatory, as a world suspended between science and faith”. 






Antonio Coretti

Antonio Coretti is from the Southern Italian city of Matera and has been
part of the Specola team since 2011. A graduate in Information Technology he deals with everything related to IT, such as developing software, providing tech- nological solutions and improving the Specola’s operational capabilities. Since coming on board Antonio has given new life to the Specola’s visual presence in the digital world through his talents in graphic design through his contribution to the design and layout of the Annual Report. Most recently, Antonio has undertaken to build a new up-to-date user friendly VO website from scratch. He sees his work at the Specola as a “double responsibility”, not only in maintaining high professional standards but also in the constant awareness that he is at the service of the Holy See: “This implies a greater spirit of sacrifice, as far as I’m concerned, it implies responsibility and seriousness but above all it’s a real plea- sure”. 






Romano Reggio

Romano Reggio is a local of Marino another hill top town close to Castel Gandolfo and works in maintenance and technical services. Under the direction of Fr. MAJ, Romano is tasked with the upkeep of the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and gardening requirements at the Specola. He describes his work at the Specola as something which gives him a “deep sense of satisfaction and contentment”. 


Assunta Rodia

The facilities of the VO are pleasant enviornment in which to live and work thanks to the dedication of Assunta Rodia who is in charge of cleaning. She also works part-time for the Jesuit Community. Assunta keeps the chapel, hallways, and common rooms neat and clean, and she sees to the Community’s laundry. She does all of this with great flexibility and with unfailing good cheer. Assunta is also the substi- tute cook for the Jesuit Community. 










Gina Savinetti

Gina Savinetti prepares meals for the Community, six days per week. Usually she cooks for a group of 7 or 8 Jesuits. But in the summer, when Jesuits from Tucson and various visitors are in res- idence at Castel Gandolfo, sometimes she finds herself cooking for 10 or 12 or more. Gina is a whiz when it comes to accommodating the diverse palates and dietary needs of the Jesuits of the Observatory, who come from seven countries on four continents, and who range in age from 40 to 92. When Pope Francis came for lunch, in summer 2013, Gina also prepared the meal, complete with Argentinian empanadas.