Press and Media Visits

Journalists with questions about any aspect of our Observatory and its work are welcome to contact us ( or they may direct questions to individual members of staff (see the “contact page”).

If you wish to do a more formal interview, please note the following:

• You need to arrange any interview directly with a member of the staff. Please see the “contact us” page for contact details.
• Send a (preferably e-mail) proposal for the interview, describing the purpose of the interview, how long would it take, and how is the material going to be used.
• All reporters need to have written permission from the Vatican before they can take any sort of pictures, film, or other media recording on Papal territory. Contact the address below with the title and brief description of the program, the names of all of those who will be on the filming crew, and date and time of the shoot:


Sala Stampa della Santa Sede

Settore Accrediti e Autorizzazioni

Via della Conciliazione 54


Tel: ++39-06-698.92.1

Fax: ++39-06-6868810


Specola Vaticana
Vatican Observatory

00120 Stato Città del Vaticano


Vatican Observatory Research Group

2017 E Lee St.
Tucson, AZ 85719