VOSS 2014



Galaxy formation and evolution is at the forefront of modern astronomy research; new space and radio telescopes and sophisticated numerical
modeling are challenging our views of galaxies young and old. The faculty and special invited speakers will present a comprehensive series of
lectures and hands-on projects in the unique ambience of the Papal summer villa that promises to make this school an unforgettable experience!
During the course of the school, students will also present a short paper on their research or the research of their home institution.


1) Introduction to galaxies near and far;
2) Basic properties of nearby galaxies
masses and star formation, gas content, stellar ages and galaxy evolution, numerical models;
3) Distant galaxies as seen by HST - HST capabilities,
results on galaxies;
4) Distant galaxies as seen by EVLA & ALMA;
5) The most distant galaxies & the Dark Ages - observations and models;
6) Promise of
low frequency radio arrays; Promise of JWST.

List of the Faculty

John Stocke (Chair),
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Christopher Carilli,
Very Large Array, Socorro, New Mexico, USA

Michele Trenti,
Cambridge University, UK

Jacqueline van Gorkom,
Columbia University, New York, USA

José G. Funes, S.J. (Director),
Vatican Observatory

Guy Consolmagno, S.J. (Dean),
Vatican Observatory

Specola Vaticana
Vatican Observatory

00120 Stato Città del Vaticano
e.mail: staff@specola.va


Vatican Observatory Research Group

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Tucson, AZ 85719