VOSS 2023

As detectors become more sensitive, telescopes grow larger, and computers become ever more powerful, astronomical data has entered the petabyte domain. Major surveys such as Gaia, Pan-STARRS and Zwicky Transient Facility, have already measured billions of celestial sources; new surveys, such as Euclid and the Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time

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VOSS 2020

The centres of galaxies are superb laboratories for studying the interplay between stellar dynamics, hydrodynamics, star formation, stellar feedback, and supermassive black holes.

VOSS 2018

Large ground and space-based photometric, spectroscopic, and astrometric surveys now coming online are changing the astronomical landscape, expanding our tools for the exploration of

VOSS 2016

Water plays an important role in the origin and chemical development of comets, asteroids, icy moons, and planets including our own Earth. It is also a necessary ingredient for life as we know it.

VOSS 2014

Galaxy formation and evolution is at the forefront of modern astronomy research; new space and radio telescopes and sophisticated numerical
modeling are challenging our views of galaxies young and old.

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